Jacksonville Paver Driveways

​Jacksonville paver driveway photo portfolio featuring paver projects completed by Moderna Pavers in Jacksonville FL. 

New Brick Paver Driveway Project in Glen Kernan by Moderna

Laying out the field pavers, preparing to set the double soldier course.

A driveway like this is especially difficult to layout- every part of the driveway has to be exactly symmetrical to the opposite side. Each paver had to be exact. To make things even more challenging, we wanted to plant the rather large canary island palm tree before the pavers were installed- so again, that had to be perfectly centered. 

This project has 12x 12 pavers in Mahogany Ash with a double 4x8 soldier course border in Taupe, to bring in the colors of the trim and architectural accents of the home.

We also did a large square inlay of the double border inside the motor court, to accent the rather large area between the two sets of opposing garages. 

The pavers are rinsed as the final details are being completed. 

The completed paver project in Jacksonville FL. Notice the perfect placement of the drive & tree against the home. 

A new construction project in the Glen Kernan community of Jacksonville. This project utilized Tremron's 12"x12" pavers with a double 4"x8" soldier course border. 

Jacksonville brick paver contractor driveway installation.

This customer visited the St Johns Town center and decided that the color scheme, style, and layout at the Town Center would just right for their new construction home in Mandarin. Here we used the Bishop Hat style paver in the Cappuccino color with Taupe inlays and a Taupe soldier course border. A lot of attention do detail was used when laying out this project- notice how the walkway is wider than a normal and the pattern of the Bishops Hat is centered on the driveway and also centered on the walkway with nice curving transition between the two. 

Bishops hat pavers in Cappuccino and Taupe.

Of the many patterns available for the Bishops Hat paver including: Byzantine, Kaleidoscope, or Parquet this project utilizes the Diamond Bishops Hat Pattern.  

New Jacksonville Brick Paver Driveway Construction

Another hardscape project completed in Deer Creek in Jacksonville . This driveway has Tremron's Mega Olde Towne pavers- A three piece paver system that uses a 6"x9" paver, a 9"x12" paver and a 9"x9" paver. The brick paver are laid out in a random pattern here- using all three sizes alternating the sizes and direction of each paver. This gives the driveway a cobble appearance while maintaining a smooth surface suitable for rolling across them even with smaller wheels of a trash can. Irrigation was converted to a drip system for the potted plants, with fine adjustments made to give the plants the correct amount of water. 

Ortega mega olde towne pavers installed in a random pattern in Jacksonville

Ortega mega olde towne pavers installed in a random pattern in Jacksonville

Ortega is the color blend- a mix of Dark Orange, Tan and Charcoal. Tremron uses a color through process to ensure a vibrant mix that will not wear off the surface over time.

Riverwood Paver Driveway in 4x8 Herringbone by Moderna

This driveway is one of more than 12 that Moderna has completed in the Deercreek Golf Country Club in Jacksonville FL. The pavers are laid in the traditional herringbone pattern on a 45 degree diagonal. Riverwood is the color selected featuring blends of Brown, Tan and Coral. 

Riverwood paver driveway construction in Jacksonville Fl by Moderna.  

Riverwood paver driveway construction in Jacksonville Fl by Moderna.  

New Hidden Hills paver driveway installation by Moderna Pavers of Jacksonville

This project was a new construction home on one of the remaining building lots in what we call the "Old Hidden Hills" The original Hidden Hills is a smaller gated community just across from the larger Hidden Hills community with the golf course.

New brick paver driveway installed by Moderna in Jacksonville FL. Color: Coffee / Style: 12x12

We made some alterations to the builder's driveway layout- adding some extra width to the drive and a nice flowing transition into the gracefully curving walkway. The color featured here is Coffee- a blend of Tan and Brown. The field pavers are 12" x 12" and set on a diagonal to the house. The Soldier course border is 4"x8" pavers in a Tan color. Moderna constructed 3 more paving stone driveways on this same street in the weeks that followed this project.