Site Work

Jacksonville pavers, hardscape construction and site work portfolio pictures by Moderna, brick paver contractors in Jacksonville FL. ​

Moderna removing a concrete driveway in Jacksonville

When we started purchasing equipment almost 10 years ago, we had a wish list of "what would be the best equipment for the task at hand" We stuck to that list and now own and operate an equipment array that is the best in the business. Moderna's job site efficiency is unmatched. 

Hauling the old concrete driveway making way for the new brick paver driveway. 

Early Paver Delivery

Sometimes we are up long before the sun. In the summer its especially helpful to get as many working hours as you can in before the mid day heat starts to slow you down. 

Loading up the pavers for a patio installation in Jacksonville. 

A White Paver Driveway?

Every once in a while we get a request that may be different or what we call "non-standard". In this case the homeowner wanted a special batch of pavers made in a bright white color. Our biggest concern was keeping it clean- knowing that the white pavers would be unforgiving to stains from nearby trees and tire marks from vehicles, especially since this was a large driveway. 

The white brick paver driveway photographed about 1 year after installation by Moderna. 

The driveway seemed to fare well to the elements. Its still a nice bright color though you can see faint tire marks. 

Removing a concrete driveway in Jacksonville

Having the right equipment can make a big difference when tackling a large scale demolition project. Here Moderna removed more than 6,000 square feet of concrete and prepared the soil for the paver underlayment base. This project is on the St Johns River in Jacksonville.

Moderna removing the concrete with a Caterpillar track machine in Jacksonville FL