Jacksonville Paver Driveways

​Jacksonville paver driveway photo portfolio featuring paver projects completed by Moderna Pavers in Jacksonville FL. 

Jacksonville brick paver contractor driveway installation.

This customer visited the St Johns Town center and decided that the color scheme, style, and layout at the Town Center would just right for their new construction home in Mandarin. Here we used the Bishop Hat style paver in the Cappuccino color with Taupe inlays and a Taupe soldier course border. A lot of attention do detail was used when laying out this project- notice how the walkway is wider than a normal and the pattern of the Bishops Hat is centered on the driveway and also centered on the walkway with nice curving transition between the two. 

Bishops hat pavers in Cappuccino and Taupe.

Of the many patterns available for the Bishops Hat paver including: Byzantine, Kaleidoscope, or Parquet this project utilizes the Diamond Bishops Hat Pattern.